on February 2, 2021
CYCC is an organizations that cares for its every member. Therefore, we have a set of rules or procedures that is imposed by an organization on its embassies to protect its existence, further integration into western democratic values and sensitive data. Security policy refers to clear, comprehensive, and well-defined plans, rules, and practices that regulate access to an organization's system and the information included in it. Some of our practical actions are known to you. For instance, we ask you to provide your resume/CV before you become a member of our organization, and if you do not know how to make one we have people specialized on that matter who can assist you well enough. Another example I’d like to use is related to Coronavirus: we protect our organization by cancelling every conference and educational travels, then moved them all into online meetings and courses. We have also created a Health Department that requires medical reports from every ambassador in relation to the situation with coronavirus in the countries of our origin
(all reports are and to be addressed to our secretary and they’ll be published if needed) Etc.. And so on..
But let’s talk about how you can help us to be safe. You can help CYCC security by starting from your own home. Keeping your computer up-to-date will help to protect your computer from little threats; using Antivirus and Anti-Malware will protect you from cyberattacks; crafting Better Passwords, and Automating them should make it difficult for others to access your resources; and
Little tips too:
⁃ Never Leave Your Phone or Computer Unattended
⁃ Know Which Links Are Safe to Click in Emails
⁃ Be Careful About Programs You Download and Run (and Stop Pirating Software)
⁃ Don’t Trust Your Popup Notifications
So please, do not hesitate to spend a little of your money to ensure that your personal information on your computer or your phone is protected. The money you spend on security of your personal information is never wasted but invested.
Yours, CYCC Safety director
Rakhman Taramov
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